5 Fantastic Reasons to Visit Sardinia in Low Season: A Local’s Guide!


beautiful deserted beach sardinia in september october

Cala Brandinchi: Deserted Sardinia beach in September, just in front of Tavolara Island

Having the beach all for yourself, who wouldn’t have such a wild dream? If you visit Sardinia in September or even at the beginning of June, your dream might become a reality.

When most people are back behind their desks, you will enjoy kilometers of white sand and turquoise water in paradise. Many beaches in Sardinia are almost deserted by mid-September, even the most popular and touristic ones.

It happened to me more than once, both in June and September, and it’s been such a surreal experience: I went to Chia Beach, located on the island’s southwest coast, and I could finally enjoy that huge beautiful beach all to myself.


TIP: If you want to try the experience, avoid going to the beach on weekends, as the locals still go there to break their weekly work routine.

Not only will you find deserted beaches, but also deserted roads, which is such a relief and a massive bonus for your nerves! During peak season, it might take a few hours to reach the most popular destinations and even more on your way back  to your hotel if you are not staying nearby the beach*

*This is valid for all the major touristic beaches all around Sardinia but even more for tourists and locals who have their base in Cagliari and surrounding villages and want to spend a day in Chia, Tuerredda beach, or Villasimius/Costa Rei Beach.


cheap accommodations and villas in september sardnia

What about spending half the price for a place like this?

This is a valid statement for all tourist destinations, “low season” always means lower accommodation prices. Sardinia can be bloody expensive, especially in July/August (the average cost for a small villa or apartment is around 700/1000 euros per week), but during the months of September (and if you want to risk a bit more, October) the prices go down, sometimes even by 50%.

This is even truer if you don’t choose a very touristic area (which I strongly recommend, as there are amazing places still not very popular that deserve all your attention).

Which are these less touristic places? Some examples are the CarloforteOristano, and Piscinas areas. They are stunningly beautiful and rich in culture with a great atmosphere. I’ve been there, and I can not recommend them enough. If you don’t like discovering new areas, no problem, the tourist areas can be cheap too if you know when to book your accommodation.

Below are some links to agencies/websites I personally used to find accommodation for my many mini-breaks around the island. Every year my family and I decide to discover a different part of Sardinia, and we usually rent a small villa/apartment (called “Villetta” by the locals) close to the sea.

This way, we can also save money by cooking our own meals and going to the beach on foot or by bicycle. If you want to know more, read my article about  Sardinia holidays for families with kids



Finding the best hotels/accommodation is not always easy, especially in Sardinia. That is why many people use travel agencies to avoid the hassle of searching online. But from my experience, it’s truly easy to do it yourself, saving a lot of money sometimes. I’ll tell you how I have done it for more than six years on the road 🙂

Click on this link to find out the best deals for cheap hotels and resorts in Sardinia, they have a truly massive inventory, with every possible solution for any budget. From the “Villetta” to all-inclusive hotels and even cheap hostels.

I always recommend them because I use their website whenever I book my hotel, and most properties have a free cancellation policy. A massive bonus when I need to book way in advance. I usually book three hotels and cancel the others last minute once I have made up my mind just before the trip.

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