You may already be aware that using condoms during sexual activity is the most popular safe sex method. There are other ways to avoid STIs and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) besides using contraceptives, although this method is beneficial in protecting one’s sexual health.

Positivity in relationships, a fulfilling sexual life, a healthier physical appearance, and peace of mind are all benefits of having good sexual health. Taking care of yourself and your partners throughout your life and enjoying your sexuality are also essential aspects of a healthy sexual life.

Let us share six methods you should adopt to take control of your sexual health.

 Visit your doctor regularly for HIV/STI testing.

To combat any disease, including STIs and STDs, early detection is essential. It is, therefore, advised that you visit a doctor and get tested for STDs regularly. Irrespective of your belief that you require testing, getting tested for HIV/STIs is suitable for all sexually active individuals.

 Your partner or you may be a carrier of an STI without realizing it because many STIs don’t show any symptoms. In addition to the numerous health advantages of rapid detection and treatment, getting tested for HIV/STIs is worth it just for the peace of mind alone.

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Avoid Unhealthy Habits of Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking and drinking alcohol are two bad habits that can affect your ability to mate. You may improve your sexual health by changing out these harmful habits for better ones like working out and eating a healthy diet.

Smoking cigarettes narrows blood vessels, which raises the possibility of infertility. One of the most crucial actions you can do to improve performance is to cut back or stop smoking.

Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy to Start a Family

As soon as possible, make an appointment with a healthcare provider if you are aware of, or even only suspect, that you may want to start a family. You may assist yourself and your family in developing healthy behaviors by seeking advice early on.

You’ll get advice on how to maintain the health of both you and the unborn baby as well as information on what makes for a good pregnancy. You’ll discover all you need to know to make sure your pregnancy is as healthy as possible, from prenatal vitamins to mental health issues.

Build positive relationships by Talking Openly and Honestly

Talking openly and honestly about your relationship, desires, and sexual health will help you build healthy relationships with your partner. Respect one another and communicate while making decisions. If health issues arise, be honest about them and seek medical attention.

Seek assistance if your spouse is coercive, violent, or puts excessive pressure on you. Seek help from a medical professional or locate a support group for victims of domestic violence.

  Familiarize Yourself with the Available Birth Control Options

If you don’t have any plans to have children anytime soon, you may be looking for a birth control pill to take during sexual activity. Choosing the best medication, though, can seem overwhelming due to the abundance of options on the market.

 These oral contraceptives can come with a variety of adverse effects. Thus, you must speak with a medical expert who can assist you to minimize the number of possibilities available to you.

Reduce Your Stress That Affects Your Health

Stress affects every aspect of your health, including libido. It elevates blood pressure and raises your heart rate (in an undesirable way). Sexual performance and desire are negatively affected by both of these. Your capacity to achieve an erection or experience an orgasm may also be impacted by stress.

Stress can lead to bad habits like drinking or smoking, which may hinder your ability to have sex. Exercise is a fantastic method to improve your health and lower stress. Speaking with your partner about the things that are stressing you out can help you relax and improve your relationship.

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