Warning: This writing is restricted only for 18 and above.

Hi, I’m Cherin. I’m 11 years old.  Yesterday was August 23, 2022. It was like a yes day. Chantry and Mama went to a beach with their friends. I was at home with Papa.

When Chantry’s home, we go to Papa’s room. He would play Mobile Legends and sometimes Chantry goes to the most comfortable spot. I also do sometimes. But this time I went to the comfortable spot and Papa played Mobile Legends. Good Thing Chantry was not here so I could go to the perfect spot! One match was depressing because the turrets were getting destroyed and an enemy hero got Layla as his character. Too bad, papa lost the match. So then I started playing Roblox.

I wanted to play a horror game that was created by someone who died of cancer. “It’s a game you should not play alone.” This is what everyone says. “When you are alone in your house with no one but yourself and you play it, you will see white hair in the game. ‘DO NOT CLICK,’ says a label near the hair.” They also say that if you click it, you will suddenly get disconnected due to an error. They call it “Error 666”. *sudden suspense in background music*. “The lights will turn off and someone will track your location and dare to kill you.” Ok now if you want to continue the warning, click here to continue because the warning is getting VERY dark! It’s not a jumpscare. It also won’t scare you. It’s just a chill, normal vid.


You, done? Ok, I will tell you a story made up by me because no one else witnessed anything like that. So one person played the game alone. She was a 16-year-old girl… That girl disappeared from the house and her parents couldn’t find her. The girl was found lying dead somewhere in a forest with blood on her. A knife stabbed on her chest. “It was like a blood shower,” the police said. But they found the person who killed the girl. IT WAS…Jenna. JK it’s not Jenna. It’s some unknown person. LOL!!! Ok now RIP, 16-year-old girl that I created in the story.

Ok now the story is done. The games i played in Roblox yesterday were Gorilla tag, Goofy runners, Murder family and I forgot the rest…

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