Every year the amount of information on the Internet is increasing, and finding the right page is becoming increasingly difficult. Sometimes it can take hours or even days to find specific material, some decent service for your query “who can write my article for me”, or “how to write an outstanding essay”. To learn how not to waste unnecessary time and to use Google’s search engine more effectively, we tell you here.

Find a file by its format

If you need a specific format of a document, such as just .pdf or .txt, this feature comes in handy. Type a query into the search box, followed by the command “filetype:pdf”. Any format can be followed by a colon: ppt, txt, doc, and more.

Use Specific Phrases

Sometimes the words to a song pop into your head, but you don’t even know the title or the artist. So you don’t have to spend all day on forums or wade through web portals, you can simply put the phrase in quotes and type it into the search box. So Google will give you all kinds of pages where this phrase is used with a given order of words. This method also works great if you need to find a work, an article, or a publication.

Make two requests

Imagine the situation that you need to choose, to buy a tablet or laptop, and you can not decide, but you are tired of surfing the Internet in search of the best option. In this case, you will need a sign “|”, which allows you to make several requests at once. For example, buy a tablet|laptop. This method will help you to save time and get rid of irrelevant pages.

You can also use the conjunction “or” instead of “|”.

Eliminate unwanted words

Do you want to find gift ideas, but are planning to make one with your own hands, and you only come across offers to buy? Then you can exclude all unnecessary pages with the “-” sign: “gift ideas -buy”. Thanks to this method, the task of finding specific things will be much easier.

Search by synonyms

Another wand to help you find things faster is the “~” (tilde) symbol. It allows you to search for pages by synonyms. For example, googling “~newest technology” will give you results that have synonyms for the word “newest”: “modern, latest”.

Recall search history

This method is an alternative to the usual search history check. If you lose your page with some essay writing service reddit reviews you just need to go to www.google.com/myactivity, and then you will see all your recent activities on Google, including the requests themselves and visits to sites. At the top of the page, there is a convenient field with the settings, where you can select the time and category you are interested in.

Go to the right site

When you know exactly what information you want to search not the entire World Wide Web, but a specific site, use the “site:” command. After the colon, specify the site address and the query. For example, “site:leedaily.com Google search techniques”.

Replace keywords

This method is very helpful when you have forgotten or are undecided about a keyword. Just type “*” when you want to replace it. For example, you’ve decided to start doing yoga on Monday, but you don’t know where to start yet. So you are interested in books, programs, lectures, and articles about yoga. To avoid typing all these words several times, you can do a horse move: type in “the best * about yoga” and get a list of useful pages.

Find content by title

If you need content on a specific topic but don’t want to use just one resource, the “intitle:” and “allintitle:” commands can help you find all the content you need from different resources. For example, enter “allintitle: study tips,” and hundreds of portals (including videos) on a given topic will pop up.

Learn terms and definitions

Sometimes we have to search for the meaning of words by climbing on sites like Wikipedia or online dictionaries. In fact, you can find the term you want in a few clicks: just type “define: keyword” and you’ll see the definition in the first line of Google.

Learn the exchange rate

Many people enter “what is the exchange rate” into the search box and try to find the necessary numbers by entering something into an online calculator. However, everything can be done much faster if you specify a specific query: “100 dollars (or any other currency unit) in euros”.

Search by picture

To do this, go to the Google Images page, where on the right side of the search bar is the camera icon. By clicking on it, you can download the file from your computer or enter a URL. You can also simply click and drag the picture into the search box. Google will find similar pictures as well as the sites where they are posted.

These ways will greatly speed up the process of finding information, which will make studying and working more efficient.