The Colorado attorney general made his way to the Western Slope today and talked about several topics his office is working on.

Phil Weiser’s office recently sued the e-cigarette company Juul for targeting youth in their marketing campaign.

The office has also seen an uptick in fraud complaints that have to do with covid-19, in-particular ones saying they’ve found a cure for the virus. They encourage people to be cautious when giving out personal information, especially with automated calls.

Something else they’ve seen an increase in in recent months is the number of calls to Safe2Tell hotline, specifically those about teen suicides.

“It’s great to be here in the Western Slope, we in Colorado are here for each other. This is a really hard time, it’s a hard time because we’re seeing more scammers– people are struggling more with mental health. We’re going to get through this time and we’ll get through it by being here together. That’s why I, as attorney general am so committed to serving people of Colorado,” says Phil Weiser, Colorado attorney general.

If you or someone you know is in need of the Safe2Tell hotline, you can call 1-877-242-7233.

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