Form and Function Decorative Macramé

Exciting news: macramé has been updated and is back in style again! For the past couple of decades, when one thought of macramé, one was taken back to the 1970s. Indeed my mom and grandma had macramé plant hangers. The decorative macramé of the 2020’s is fresh and trendy.

Review of Decorative Macramé

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Thanks goes out to Tuttle Publishing, who kindly sent us a copy of Decorative Macramé: 20 Stylish Projects for Your Home in exchange for our honest opinion.

20 Stylish Decorative Macramé Projects

The colours of today are fresh and neutral with cool blues and calming greens and greys. Of course, you can use any colour that is attractive to you!

There are a variety of decorations and practical items to make from this book. They range from beginners (like me), to those with more experience.

Each design includes photographs and instructions to help you along. My local yarn shop was happy to help explain different types of yarn that would work specifically for macramé.

These are a selection of the patterns you will find:

Tapestries and Other Wall Decorations

  • The Pendant: A Basic Tapestry Adaptation
  • V-Motif Tapistry
  • Owl Wall Hanging
  • Flag Garland
Macrame wall hangings
Macrame wall hangings

Hangings for Plants

  • Baskic Hanging Basket
  • Hanging Pocket
  • Hanging Basket Unsing Hemp Twine

Small Interior Design Items

  • Cushion Covers
  • Curtain Ties
  • Lampshade
  • Bag Decorations
Macrame patterns
Macrame patterns

My First Macramé Project

I haven’t tried my hand at macramé before, so this was something new for me. I used to love learning knots back in my Girl Guide days, but that was long ago. I’m not sure why, but these were giving me trouble and frustration; I just could not (or is it knot) wrap my head around them.

So I put the book away for a few months and tried again.

And again.

And again.

Then….one day I sat down and things just clicked!

What I was doing wasn’t pretty, but it was working.

Macrame keychain in progress
Macrame keychain in progress

Another day I undid what I had done and considered it ‘practice’ and started from scratch once more.

Success! Admittedly, it isn’t perfect, but that comes with experience and I’m still a novice.

Now I have a cute little keychain to use on my backpack, a bag, or to put on luggage to make it easier to identify as it chugs around the airport conveyor belt.

Macrame bag charm
Macrame bag charm

The Verdict

Macramé has had a long history, going back centuries; travelling from the Middle East to the West during the time of the Crusades. The knots used can create an unlimited number of items that incorporate both form and function.

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Once I got the hang of it, I quite enjoyed knotting and seeing my little charm come to life. Kallista would like me to make the curtain tie-backs for her, and I think a wall design with Irish Sea driftwood would make a lovely statement piece inside the front door.

If you’re looking for a new hobby, give macramé a whirl.

Where to Purchase Decorative Macramé

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