Five little things to make the bedroom cosy

There really is something calming about climbing into bed at night. We can all switch off, let our thoughts run free, take a deep breath, and recharge the batteries overnight. We have come up with some ideas for a few little details to make sure your nights are peaceful and your days content.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Burying yourself in a thick blanket with a hot drink is a popular way of spending time, the notional light at the end of the tunnel on those frosty winter days. All the while, making your bedroom nice and cosy, a place to rest from the everyday routine, is not exactly rocket science. Take some inspiration from our warming ideas and make sure the winter gloom doesn’t catch up with you. 

1. The more cushions, the more comfort

One pillow might be enough for you to sleep in comfort, but you’ll need way more if you want to bring that feeling of cosiness. Adorn your bed with a deluge of smaller cushions and you’ll see how much warmer the feel is right away. Mix different materials and let them work on your senses. The contrast of coarser corduroy and smooth satin or suede will bring a dynamic to your bedroom and tickle you to the touch. 

2. Cover your duvet in winter fabrics

Warming flannel bedding is the ideal choice for winter, pleasant to the touch and incredibly warm at the same time. And in spite of being soft and fleecy, flannel bedding is airy and good at absorbing sweat, so no need to worry about being too hot at night. Flannel is made of 100% wool or cotton. Although you might come across flannel products made of artificial fibre, these won’t even come close to the properties of natural flannel, aren’t as pleasing to the touch or as strong.

3. Let there be light

Where you place your lights and how intense they are really does shape the character of a room as night falls. Avoid any cold, dazzling bulbs. It’s better to combine a few smaller lamps with soft light, putting the finishing touches to the cosy atmosphere. If you have no space for a lamp on your bedside table, then use wall lights. They are practical, and, if you opt for an unconventional design, will become a distinctive aesthetic part of the room. Trendy fairy lights are also at hand to work their magic; simply arrange them in a way that brings out the warmth. Spread them out over the wall, use them to decorate a chest of drawers, or hang them on the window. A bedroom that is as cosy as can be – guaranteed. 

4. Soft throws to soothe the soul

Cold winter days are there to tempt us under a blanket with a hot mug of tea and wait out the harsh weather in bed with a book or a film. And at times such as these we have warming throws and blankets to take care of the cosy atmosphere. 

5. Furs aren’t just for log cabins

A couple of fur accessories and a few candles are all it takes to turn your bedroom into something akin to a holiday in a mountain chalet. Is there really any better feeling than waking up in the morning and stepping out of bed on to a fluffy sheepskin rug in your bare feet? That, however, is not the be all and end all. Furs are ideal as smaller throws on the bed or in the sofa in the living room. 

A word of advice: Go for the right colours

Use the power of subdued shades of orange, yellow, and brick-red. They make everything seem warmer and have the ability to make your interiors cosier in neutral shades. Decorative cushions, drapes, throws, or tablecloths are absolutely perfect for these little transformations. Combine with earthy and sandy colours to achieve that harmonious impression.

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