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Some of the most common parenting questions are “how do I get my kid to listen to me?” or “What should I do about [insert challenging behavior]?”. The answer to both of these questions is related to the discipline strategies we use. In these episodes, the cohosts look at several factors that influence our discipline and share research-based, effective strategies for increasing the behavior we want from our children!

In the eighth season of the podcast, our cohosts, Lori and Mackenzie, explore research and reality of making discipline decisions to guide our children’s behavior. On this page, you’ll find an outline of the season’s content and a brief description of each episode.

S8: Ep. 1 – The Great Guidance and Discipline Debate
Discipline is one of the most requested topics we get as parenting educators. Learn how we define discipline, explore different types, and learn a straightforward flip to help your child meet your expectations more often.

S8: Ep. 2 – Unspoken Aspects of Discipline
Research tells us that there are influences on our discipline choices that are subtle and that sometimes go unrecognized. Take a moment to listen and reflect, and maybe have your own “a-ha” moment on what secretly impacts your choices.

S8: Ep. 3 – Emotions: The Good, Bad, and Ugly
I’ve got a feeling that emotions play a big part in our interactions with our children. The hosts discuss the emotional process, and they dig back out one of their favorite concepts to explain the effect our emotions have on our guidance and discipline.

S8: Ep. 4 – Recognizing the Parent-Child Relationship
We all hope we have a positive relationship with our child, but did you know the climate of that relationship is a major factor in how resistant or cooperative your child is with your attempts to shape their behavior? Listen in for suggestions on how to promote a warm parent-child relationship.

S8: Ep. 5 – Gauge By Their Age
What we use with our toddler won’t always work with our teenager (or will it?). This episode the hosts look at how to adapt and adjust our discipline strategies to meet our kids where they are developmentally.

S8: Ep. 6 – When My Child Misbehaves: Deciding on Discipline
It’s inevitable: our child won’t always behave in ways we love. This week Lori and Mackenzie look at specific parenting practices and situations to help you find effective guidance and discipline strategies.

BONUS: Choosing Positive Discipline
Guiding and directing children as they grow and develop is a serious endeavor for parents. We know family values are usually at the heart of all rules, boundaries, and limits that parents set for their children. Mackenzie and Lori discuss how we can guide our children using positive discipline, natural consequences, and logical consequences.

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