How to Make Money with Multiple Income Streams (2023)

How to Make Money with Multiple Income Streams

Do want to make more money online without no investment or very little? Whether you’re a blogger or a freelancer, you won’t mind earning more dollars. Adding multiple income streams is the answer to that. Plus, I’ll be sharing various methods to make money so that you could choose any of them to earn extra money from your blog or social media.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can make more money with additional income streams.

I’ll be focusing in on:

  • How to make more money with similar website traffic
  • Why multiple income streams are a good idea
  • How to add multiple income streams

Who doesn’t want to make more money online quickly? If you’re a blogger, digital marketer, or an entrepreneur, you’d always be pushing hard to make more money online. The problem is that people keep expecting more from the same source of income, for example, if a blogger is monetizing a blog through Google Adsense and making $200 each month, he’d want to reach $300 from Adsense by adopting different strategies.

The idea of this blog post is that you could reach $300 or even more than that by adding multiple income streams to your money-making system. I want you to change the mentality of relying on just one income stream and think broadly about the income streams. You could include various income streams depending upon your skill set and opportunities in your niche. Not all blog niches have the similar amount of monetization opportunities, but you could turn things around for you if you know the stuff. I want to teach you all that, especially the mindset of making money with multiple income streams.

How to Make Money with Multiple Income Streams 2023

So without any further ado, let’s talk about the multiple income streams in 2023:

Join Amazon Associates

You could always add up Amazon Associates affiliates to your blog because they have a wide range of products on Amazon. Whatever your niche is, there are always things that are related to your niche or blog that you can use and promote through Amazon Associates. You don’t have to buy from Amazon, but instead, you can promote the things that you bought physically from a store. The only thing is that try promoting things that you used and liked. So Amazon Associates program could be a fantastic additional income to your blog.

Write an eBook

Whatever your niche is, you can always write ebooks on specific topics and sell through your blog. The secret to success with ebooks is that always write ebooks on the topics that aren’t very common because chances are, there is free content available on common topics already. So why would someone pay to get the stuff that is already available for free?

Find Relevant Affiliates

If you’re just relying on the Google Adsense, then try adding affiliates to your blog monetization. The biggest secret to winning at affiliate marketing is that always promote the products that you’re personally using or tested and the product is good. If you promote a product that is bad, chances are, you’ll lose your credibility because people would test it out or someone would already know about the bad product. So you may not want to damage your credibility to earn an affiliate commission.

Offer Consultancy or Training

You could always offer your consultancy or training as an additional income stream. People want to learn new skills and they always look at the experts. If you’re an expert at something specific in your niche, offering your training or consultancy would be a perfect idea. A lot of bloggers offer WordPress management services to the companies and other bloggers. All you have to do is figure out your skill and offer it the right way.

Sell your Service

Besides doing affiliate marketing or running Google Adsense ads on your blog, you can also sell your specific service to the audience. A lot of freelance bloggers sell their writing services through their blogs and Instagrammers provide photoshoot services through their Instagram accounts. These are the examples of using the platform to make more money. You should try to think and find your service that you’re good at and offer it to your audience. The reason for selling your service is important is that everyone doesn’t come up with a consultancy offer or an ebook to sell through the blog.

For example, I sell Website Development, PPC & SEO services

Promote your Fiverr Gigs

There is no harm in promoting your Fiverr gigs through your blog. In fact, it’s a fantastic growth hacking strategy to sell your Fiverr gigs. Everyone who works on Fiverr wants to sell more gigs to get clients and make money. If you’re working on Fiverr, then you should write a blog too and use that blog to promote your gigs. You can both mention gigs in your content and put a banner on the sidebar with a link to the Fiverr gig page.


The purpose of this blog post was to convey you the message that (a) you must have multiple income streams and (b) it’s not that difficult to find the multiple income streams to monetize your blog. All you have to do is figure out a way of providing a service that is relevant to your blog niche and you must also be good at that thing.

What else would you suggest someone who wants to add an additional income stream?

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