Lace Up Your Kicks, and Get on the Fast Track!

10.18 (720 × 300 px)You heard it here first, folks! As of October 16th, our catalog of Fast Track courses has grown to 11 courses!

Not yet familiar with Fast Track courses? Here’s an overview:

If you’re human, you understand what it means to be short on time. It happens to all of us! If you need a grade and transcript–FAST–consider registering for a Fast Track course!

All resources are included in the online course–no need to wait for a textbook.

Yes, you read that right! Once registered, you will have access to the course and can begin learning. We’ve included all of the resources needed to successfully complete the course right in the modules.

Fast Track courses are built into three modules. The first two modules include reading and journaling with an automated Progress Check at the end of each module. In Module 3, demonstrate your learning by completing the written Application and Reflection requirements, submit your work for this module only, then receive evaluative feedback from the course evaluator. 

When registering, select one of the following regionally accredited university partners: American College of Education (ACE), Augustana University, or Roosevelt University

Registration for Fast Track courses are available during the following dates:

  • January 2 – March 15 | Coursework due April 15
  • May 16 – July 15 | Coursework due August 15
  • September 2 – October 22 | Coursework due November 15


Save yourself time and stress. Lace-up your kicks, and get on the Fast Track! You’ll be happy you did.

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