Learn new skills: 21 skills seniors can learn in 2019

There’s more to having hobbies than just having fun. Studies have shown that trying new things is good for you physically, mentally and socially; some even suggest that it can help you live longer! If you need more convincing, however, here are four additional reasons to pick up a new hobby.

1. Increasing Your Cognitive Capacity
When you learn a new skill, you aren’t just stamping it on a few neurons. You’re making connections between everything from memory to motor control, and as a result, your entire brain engages with activity. It lights up the whole system even if you aren’t using skills or senses directly related to your new hobby. The cognitive benefits are immense.

2. Expanding Your Social Circle
Many hobbies have a social component to them, including sports, theater and volunteer work. Others can be done alone, like yoga, but there are plenty of classes and meet-ups for folks who want to make it a social activity. Last but not least, even solo hobbies can introduce you to like-minded people if you’re willing to reach out and find them. Fellow chess players might be on a specialized forum; fellow weightlifters might be eager to grab coffee after you’re both done at the gym. You won’t know unless you ask!

3. Improving Your Psychical Health
You don’t have to be surfing or hang gliding to get a physical boost from your new hobby. Even things like gardening, painting or playing video games are engaging your body in small and repetitive activities that refine things like dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, unless your hobby is food-related, staying focused on something for awhile can keep you from idly snacking at the same time! Who knew that hobbies could be good for weight loss?

4. Boosting Your Self-Esteem
There’s nothing like mastering a new skill to make you feel confident and capable. You don’t even need to be a master, really; as long as you’re facing down challenges and feeling a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis, you’ll do wonders for your mood. Again, it goes back to brain chemistry and the way that humans have evolved to view risks and rewards.

These are just a few of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you try something new. Whether it’s a recreational hobby, like this best surf camps for adults or an important skill that you need to learn for work, there are ample advantages to putting yourself out there and giving things a try. Good luck!