Salesforce’s 11 Best Business Podcasts of 2022: How companies to build trust and better connect with customers

via Michael Rivo, Trail Blazers podcast,”Each autumn I have the chance to spotlight the best business podcasts from across the Salesforce network. I love the opportunity to reflect on the past year and revisit the compelling storytelling from my colleagues. Inevitably, I discover new ideas and mindsets, and have a laugh or two. Best of all, I get to share them with you. I hope you find something that speaks to you and carries you into 2023 feeling inspired.”

Educate and entertain yourself with this collection of some of our best podcast episodes from the last 12 months, curated by our own podcast team leader.

How companies can build trust and better connect with customers

How can companies better know and connect to their customers and build more trust? That’s a question Seth Godin, marketing guru and founding editor of The Carbon Almanac, and Brian Solis, vice president and global innovation at Salesforce and best-selling author, try to answer in this episode, one of the year’s best business podcasts. They discuss some fascinating findings from our just-released State of the Connected Customer report. It’s our fifth edition and features insights from nearly 17,000 consumers and business buyers worldwide. Tune in to find out what’s at the heart of it.

Podcast: Seth Godin and Brian Solis — How to better connect to your customers

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