The South Australian premier, Steven Marshall, has announced a raft of coronavirus restrictions after the cluster in Parafield grew by two on Wednesday.

Marshall said the state needed a “circuit breaker” to better tackle the outbreak and prevent a second wave.

“The reality is you don’t get a second chance to stop a second wave and so we are trying absolutely everything and we know Victoria was in lockdown for 112 days and we want to have six days. This circuit breaker is so we don’t have more pain down the track.”

“Time is of the essence. And we must act swiftly and decisively, we cannot wait to see how bad this becomes,” he said.

Here’s what you need to know about the lockdown and restrictions in Adelaide and across the state of South Australia.

As of midnight tonight, the following restrictions will apply across the state:

  • No one in the state will be allowed to leave their homes for six days, other than for essential reasons. Wherever people are from tonight, they will need to remain for the duration of the lockdown.

  • All schools will be shut, with only vulnerable children and children of essential workers given exclusions.

  • Childcare will also close, but children of essential workers are excluded.

  • People will not be allowed to leave their homes for exercise, whether indoor or outdoor.

  • Takeaway food shops will be shut.

  • Universities will be shut.

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs, food courts and other food venues will be closed.

  • Weddings and funerals are banned for the duration of the lockdown.

  • Elective surgeries will also be halted, with exceptions made for urgent operations.

  • Home inspections and auctions will also be halted.

  • All outdoor sports and physical activity is no longer allowed.

  • People will not be allowed to travel within the state, including to holiday homes.

  • Schoolies has been cancelled.

  • Aged care and residential disability care facilities are in lockdown.

  • Factories are closed, with exceptions made for food and medical products and essential maintenance.

  • The construction industry must shut down for the duration of the lockdown.

  • People are advised to wear face masks when they leave their homes, although it is encouraged not mandatory.

  • Families with joint custody arrangements have been asked to find an arrangement that works for the next six days, without moving between houses.

The essential reasons for leaving home are:

  • To go to work as an emergency services worker or to work providing essential services.

  • For agricultural work.

  • To receive medical care including seeking Covid-19 testing.

  • To obtain medical supplies.

  • One person from the household once a day to attend supermarkets to obtain essential supplies.

  • Organised end of life visits.

  • In an emergency situation.

The following will remain open for the next six days:

  • Supermarkets, but only one person per household will be allowed to shop a day.

  • Critical infrastructure, such as power and telecommunications.

  • Medical services, including mental health services.

  • Public transport will continue to run.

  • The post office and financial institutions.

  • The airport will remain open, and freight services will continue to operate.

  • Petrol stations.

  • Mining, smelting, and large factories will be allowed to continue to operate at a level required to ensure continuity of service delivery or to prevent damage, but not for anything else.

  • Agriculture workers will be able to move around, but only to ensure the safety and welfare of animals and animal products.

  • Veterinary surgeons will remain open.