A Complete Guide to Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are a beginner looking to create a website using WordPress, choosing a Hosting provider in India will be your first decision.

While various types of best WordPress Hosting are available nowadays, the most cost-effective and affordable WordPress Hosting is Shared WordPress Hosting.

Shared WordPress Hosting in India is an excellent option for beginners and small to medium size businesses that don’t have much technical expertise or need any dedicated resources. 

This article will dive into Shared WordPress Web Hosting and its related aspects.

What is Shared WordPress Web Hosting?

Shared WordPress Web Hosting is a hosting where the resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space are shared among the various website users. 

Multiple websites share server resources on a single server, making it a cost-effective option for Shared WordPress Web Hosting users.

How Does Shared WordPress Web Hosting Work?

In Shared WordPress web Hosting, multiple website shares the same server and resources like CPU, RAM, disk space and more. 

A website owner using a single rented portion by the control panel provided by the Web Hosting provider. Ultimately, in this, all the technical aspects and updates are handled by the hosting provider.

Features of Shared WordPress Web Hosting

  1. Easy To Use: Shared WordPress Web Hosting is preconfigured, making setting up and managing your WordPress website easy.
  2. Affordable: It is cost-effective since you share the server and resources with the user.
  3. Scalable: WordPress Hosting companies offer scalable plans that let customers upgrade their hosting plan as their website traffic grows and needs more resources. Typically, these plans provide more resources and better performance.
  4. Technical support: Shared Hosting companies offer technical assistance to help you manage and maintain your website.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Shared WordPress Web Hosting

  1. Uptime: Check for uptime, which refers to the number of times the website is accessible by visitors. It is necessary to save yourself from traffic losses and increasing bounce rates.
  2. Price: Price is an important factor to consider regardless of what you buy. So do consider the price of buying the share WordPress Hosting as well its renewal price if you want to continue with this Web Hosting for the long term. 
  3. Support: To perform well, you can’t be stuck with any troubleshooting for long. Thus, when any cyber issues or uncertain problems arise, you need someone on your back to solve them. So ensure you will get 24*7 customer and technical support to work well round the clock.
  4. Reliability: The reliability of the services and hosting service provider is also necessary to ensure that you will get qualitative services from the trusted hosting provider.
  5. Security: Security is also a significant factor to consider regarding hosting. So ensure that your Web Hosting provider uses the latest and advanced security measures to protect your website from all kinds of cyber threats.
  6. Restore and Backups: Website owners must also consider the restore and backup options the hosting provider provides. So they can save their sensitive and valuable data by themselves.


In short, Shared WordPress Web Hosting is a fruitful option and proved to be the best Web Hosting for WordPress for novice WordPress websites needing cost-effective Web Hosting options to establish an online presence. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Start today with the best Shared WordPress plans and work hard and smart to imprint your footprints of your in this digital world.

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