The Fabrique des Lumières is a new digital art centre in Amsterdam. Created by the fantastic Culturespaces team in the Westergasfabriek, an old gas plant in Amsterdam West (map), the Fabrique des Lumières offers visitors a magical, immersive art experience.

The Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam

The Fabrique des Lumières in the Westergasfabriek.

My first experience with the work of Culturespaces was less than a year ago. During my Rhône River cruise in southern France, I visited the Carrières de Lumières in an old stone quarry in the Provence. I was truly impressed with the spectacular setting, the stunning images and music choices. So, when I found out that the same team was opening a new sister location in Amsterdam in April 2022, I knew I had to see it!

Fabrique des Lumières Amsterdam

The entrance to the main exhibition hall features images and video footage of the old Westergasfabriek.

It also passes this cool tunnel.

The Westergasfabriek, with its 17-meter-high walls and large open space, is the perfect location for this immersive exhibition. The hall was already in use for cultural exhibitions but this will now be the permanent home of the Fabrique des Lumières. Purchase your tickets here.

gustav klimt exhibition

Inside the Fabrique des Lumières.

Gustav Klimt

The first Fabrique des Lumières exhibition features the vibrant and colourful works of Gustav Klimt and Friedensreich Hundertwasser, two of Austria’s most famous artists. The 45-minute show soon started with uplifting music and moving images. The famous works of Gustav Klimt filled the walls and floor, a vivid burst of colour that was simply enthralling.

The works of Gustav Klimt soon filled the walls and floor.

At certain points, it was like I’d entered a different realm!

The most famous works of Gustav Klimt were from his ‘Golden Phase’. Inspired by the rich, golden mosaics in Ravenna, he used gold leaf to create his intricate, mosaic-like patterns.

The famous ‘Judith and the Head of Holofernes’ by Gustav Klimt was painted in 1901.

gustav klimt famous works

Pallas Athena (1898)

The Tree of Life (1909)

An incredible audiovisual experience!


The Gustav Klimt show lasted about 30 minutes, and was followed by a shorter show featuring the brightly coloured works of Hundertwasser. The Culturespaces team have done an outstanding job to showcase the works of these artists, and pairing the constantly evolving images with music. The audiovisual effect is absolutely mesmerising!

The bright colours and playful shapes of Hundertwasser seen from the balcony.

hundertwasser works

The Hundertwasser segment was a 15-minute show of colour and youthful exuberance.

Hundertwasser portraits

I loved the vibrant colours!

There’s so much to see that it’s hard to know where to look. My suggestion is to pick a few spots throughout the exhibition and stay put for a while in each spot. In the back of the hall is a balcony which provides a panoramic view of the hall but I recommend spending most of your time on the ground floor for a full immersive experience.

Personally, I’m thrilled that Culturespaces chose Amsterdam to open a new centre outside France! It truly is a fantastic addition to the diverse art scene in Amsterdam! Get your Fabrique des Lumières tickets here. Read more about things to do in Amsterdam and how I included Fabrique des Lumières in my 50th birthday celebrations in Amsterdam.

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