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In the past couple of years, we have been seeing a high demand for life coaches, which has made quite a lot of people wonder what exactly is the purpose of a life coach and why are so many people trying to pursue life coaching as an ideal career choice. 

In simple terms the purpose of life coaches is to help inspire and empower people to make significant progress in their life goals. They also help their clients identify their goals, the challenges holding them back, and give them the support they need to overcome said challenges. Life coaches are the ideal professionals that will expedite your goals in ways you might have never expected. 

Moreover, thanks to social media, it has now become easier than ever for life coaches to connect and inspire people from all over the world – and that too, in only a matter of seconds.

Now, quality guidance and accountability has become accessible on a global level. Keep in mind that life coaching is not an alternative for therapy; life coaching aims to support people who are thriving and are focused on moving forward into the future whereas, therapy is more focused on healing from the past and getting to the baseline of stability. 

Consequently, more people are in need of life coaches today because many of them want to do more than just get by in life. They are eager for a change and life coaches can help to optimize their lives.

However, there is the issue of how the high demand for life coaches has led to unregulated industry. And it is important for professionals to get proper training so that they can create a standard of excellence and bring about reliable results for their clients. Becoming a professional life coach means that your clients will expect you to have a professional behavior and the proper knowledge to help them out. Plus, as they will be sharing important and personal information about their goals with you, you will need to make them feel comfortable in your presence. 

A professional life coach who has been certified through proper training, they will learn everything there is about coaching as well as having the best coaching practices for their clients. You can learn more about it from current professional life coaches in the industry – a prime example being none other than Svetlana Nikolaevna Banks. 

As a Russian-American social media marketing specialist, writer, motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and journalist, Banks also serves as one of the best certified life coaches from the Grand Canyon University. 

She is the founder of the prestigious Savor the Life, LLC., where she uses her platform to coach on multiple programs, some of which include  ‘Way to Happiness,’ ‘Power of Love,’ and ‘Love Your Life.’ Additionally, she also provides individual coaching sessions for further guidance to those who need extra help. 

Naturally over the years, her work has been considered profound and exceptional. In fact, she has been published in various newspapers and magazines in Belarus and Russian such as Good Secretary, Hope For Your, We Are Part of Society, and more. 

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