Thinking About Your Impact as a Leader

John Hattie and Raymond Smith came together in 2021 to write 10 Mindframes for Leaders: The Visible Learning Approach to School Success. The authors, along with twelve other text contributors, compiled research, beliefs, examples, vignettes, and exercises to provide educational leaders (principals, coaches, teacher leaders, and you!) with high-leverage methods for use in their professional practice. The goal? Increased leader impact on both teachers and students. 

The book begins with this powerful quote: 

“How we think about the impact of what we do is more important than focusing on what we do.”

How do you think about your impact? 

Try reviewing a few of the mindframes set forth by Hattie and Smith. Each mindframe includes a question for you to reflect upon. We’ve provided a related influence (or practice) and another reflection question you can use to have greater impact in your role by making learning visible. 


Mindframe 1: I am evaluator of my impact on teacher and student learning. 

💡 Reflection: What methods do you currently use to evaluate your impact on learning? 

Related Influence (Practice): Questions 

💡 Reflection: What questions do you or should you ask teachers and/or 

students to increase your impact on learning? 


Mindframe 2: I see assessment as informing my impact and next steps. 

💡 Reflection: How does assessment currently inform your next steps as a leader? 

Related Influence (Practice): Feedback 

💡 Reflection: What feedback could you provide teachers to help them use assessment to inform their next steps? 


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