This Ford Mustang Wasn’t Even Safe At A Drag Strip

As we’ve come to learn in recent years, some Ford Mustang drivers are truly a different breed, seemingly unable to perform even the most basic of driving tasks without disastrous results. This Mustang driver is just like that.

This clip appears to have been filmed at a drag strip somewhere in the U.S. and a red Ford Mustang battling it out against a bright blue Chevrolet Camaro down the quarter-mile.

Initially, the Mustang gets off the line quite well but as it builds up speed, the rear wheels start to lose traction and the pony car suddenly veers to the left. The driver looks to have been spooked by this and over-corrects, triggering the Ford to veer to the right and slam directly into a concrete crash barrier on the side of the quarter-mile.

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As if simply hitting the wall wasn’t bad enough, the front of the car actually slides up and over the wall. Not only does this absolutely destroy the front fascia of the Mustang but it also leads to it coming to a rest on top of the wall, inevitably causing significant damage to the undertray. The chances of this Mustang ever being repaired and returning to the road or drag strip seem extremely slim.

The crash could have been easily avoided if the driver of the Ford Mustang had better throttle control and was able to quickly feather the power, allowing the rear tires to eventually regain traction.

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