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In Dream Big, Live Small, we visit tiny home-dwellers, discovering why they choose to live this way, how they manage it and the possibilities to do things like travel, learn and grow that have resulted from downsizing so significantly. In the long run, living small is really about living big.

Tiny home living doesn’t always equate to easy living. While those who decide to move into a tiny home have to come to terms with downsizing material goods, some people embrace it.

In this episode of Dream Big, Live Small, Nathaniel Graf moved into his tiny, eco-friendly house in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania initially as an experiment. But he loved it so much, that he decided to stay. And now, this tiny-living test has turned into a way to reduce his carbon footprint.

“For me, living in a tiny house is a really cool opportunity to reduce my environmental impact and carbon footprint,” he said. “Living in a tiny house comes with a bunch of opportunities for reducing one’s carbon footprint. Most of my electric power comes from the two solar panels and living in a smaller space means it takes less energy to heat up. The heating system was one actually designed for a boat.”

While Nathaniel was only supposed to live in the tiny home for one to two months, he actually ended up loving the space and lifestyle, especially because he says it feels spacious thanks to the A-frame ceilings that make it seem larger.

From his own tiny house experience, he said that it’s taught him to be able “to live without a lot of space and a lot of stuff.”

To get a complete tour of Nathaniel’s tiny home, be sure to watch the full episode above. And if you want to join the tiny house revolution yourself, there are kits you can buy on Amazon to build your own version.

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