November 17, 2020 (New York, New York):  VINADA’s award-winning assortment of ZERO Alcohol sparkling wines are now available for American consumers in time for the holidays. The wines have an impressive balanced flavor and provide a superior taste experience. That’s because of the unique bottling process, which retains most of the wine’s original aromas and taste and with only 21 calories per 100 with no alcohol. Available in two sizes, 750 ml AND a small 200 ml in case you don’t want to share.

VINADA turns non-alcoholic wine into a cool and conscious experience. “We want to make delicious ZERO Alcohol wines available for everyone”, says Jessica van Spaendonck, founder of VINADA.

The idea was born out of the desire to offer a good, healthy, non alcoholic alternative to alcohol. An option that guarantees flavor, quality AND a festive experience. Fed up with having no real option at a party or in a bar, Jessica created her own brand. “Here it is! VINADA. My little rebel with a bubble, a careful creation of grapes. Enjoy it and let’s shake things up a bit”.

She wasn’t the only one searching for this alternative. The Rose & Gold bubbles gained popularity each day and went sky-high. Their premium wines are being sold in over 5000 high end hotels, bars and restaurants in 25 countries all over Europe.


VINADA introduces the world’s first “VINADA’S CHRISTMAS and DRY JANUARY MOCKTAIL CHALLENGE”. People drinking VINADA or not, can subscribe to a free daily newsletter on VINADAWINES.COM. From December 24th until January 31st subscribers will receive a daily recipe of elegant and well-designed premium bartender level but easy to make, ZERO alcohol cocktail and mixes. To make the holidays and Dry January a healthy, hangover free and easier experience this year. People can share their creative DRY JAN experiences and the most creative contestant will win a ZERO Alcoholic gift.


Where a “normal” wine with alcohol contains about 75 calories per 100ml, VINADA Sparkling Gold and Rosé contain only 21 calories. This way you can have a nice drink and stay in shape. VINADA is not only better for your health, but this wine is also very delicious. The white sparkling wine is made from the Airén Grape and the Rosé is made from the Tempranillo grape both originating from the Spanish region Castilla-La Mancha and follows every step of the “normal” wine production. Just before the wine is bottled, the alcohol is removed by a combination of heating and vacuum extraction. This is how VINADA offers you a real wine experience. VINADA thus delivers a healthy, low calorie, but even more important: a tasty and high-quality alternative choice for today’s healthy hedonists who make their own rules.


Everyone is looking forward to the holidays, especially after this challenging year; we want to enjoy the holidays even though our dearest family and friends will most probably not be together in person. Large Christmas events and New Year’s Eve parties are unlikely. So this year, when our health is even more important, you might consider taking the opportunity to do it a little different. And…Without the hangover.


The suggested retail price for the 750 ml is $14.95 and $7.50 for the 200 ml (incl. shipping).