WPS Foundation awards ,000 to first responders through Rewarding Responders Grant

The WPS Foundation provides its Rewarding Responders Grant annually to help police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies purchase lifesaving equipment or important training for their members. Among this year’s recipients is the Coleman Fire Department, which received new firefighting face masks for its firefighters.

Other northern Wisconsin grant recipients include the Pound Fire Department, Little River Fire Department, Twin Bridge Rescue Squad, and the Wagner Fire Department.

Grants help hundreds of Wisconsin communities. Since the program began in 2014, the WPS Foundation has awarded more than $400,000 to help nearly 230 agencies improve public safety in Wisconsin.

To receive a grant, emergency response agencies must operate in the WPS service area and must demonstrate the equipment or training they wish to purchase is part of a well-planned public safety initiative. Grants also may be used to fund safety-related projects that are unique, one-time efforts.