All of us want a healthy lifestyle. However, most of us are not willing to do what is needed to achieve it. For some, it takes away “me time” while for others, it hampers their “happening” life. Hence, the dream remains, so does the longing, however, it continues as nothing more than wishful thinking.

5 small changes that will drastically improve your lifestyle
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If you too harbour such a dream, expect some useful answers here. It is always difficult to make drastic changes. Be it in our personal or professional life, we resent too much change. A healthy lifestyle also falls into such a category.

However, you need not uproot your routines from day one and try to turn into a health freak. Instead, you can achieve the dream by making simple yet effective changes that trigger the transformation.

So, let’s take a look at five such changes which you can implement starting today.

  1. A little stretching hurts no one

It goes without doubt that fitness is one of the best ways to be healthy. Exercise has physical and mental health benefits that automatically transfer to a healthier lifestyle. We often hear excuses about not having equipment or time constraints.

5 small changes that will improve your lifestyle
Source: Zymrat

Jocko Willink, an ex-Navy Seal, had the perfect response to such excuses where he suggested doing 2 minutes of burpees every morning. Motivation is only temporary but fitness, in the long run, builds discipline and strength. So 2 minutes or 20, it doesn’t matter because even a short amount of exercise can make a difference.

  1. Eat full but eat differently

Binge-watching is now a global trend while fast food outlets are delivering faster than emergency services. These two add up to eating more and moving less. Now, eating in itself is not a bad habit but the problem lies with gorging on processed or junk food that provides zero nutritional value for the body. Instead of going for a pack of chips, you can slowly substitute it with a fruit or fresh juice.

5 small changes that will drastically improve your lifestyle
Source: Zymrat

This seems boring but for those who want to get active and shed unnecessary weight, it is an essential step that will make a big difference. A study found that a balanced diet prevents the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

  1. Take time to breathe

Mindfulness has become a buzzword due to the recent influx of social media influencers promoting their holistic approach to achieving success and remaining calm in everyday life. While this has led to more people turning to professional help for their mental well being, it has also driven some people to try out the old ways of meditation.

Mindfulness in today’s world is an absolute necessity and even doing 5 minutes of meditation can have a big effect on your stress level and your ability to function under pressure. Don’t have 5 minutes? Replace scrolling through Twitter and Instagram and now you have the time!

  1. Wish procrastination goodbye 

There is nobody in this world who would not admit to procrastinating at some point in their life. Be it students, professionals or unemployed folks, we are all guilty of this one habit. Procrastination leads to lack of creativity and often results in a lazy mindset which can be unhealthy for all of us who wish to achieve the best in everything we do.

A research study shows that even the will to become better at discipline and time management can reduce a person’s procrastination when paired with a leader who helps them to get better. This results in an extraordinary performance, which is why you should always get help from trusted ones to keep yourself accountable. You can use apps but they could be counterproductive as it is not too difficult to dismiss a notification.

  1. Books are our best friends

Yes, this seems surprising in a time where most libraries are empty because of most print media going digital. A research study found that children between the age of 7-12 who were given the option to read books on electronic devices showed greater interest in reading.

5 small changes that will drastically improve your lifestyle
Source: Zymrat

While adults would prefer a hardcopy, reading on either platform provides many benefits such as reduced cognitive decline, better sleep, improved vocabulary and reduced stress! This makes it a viable option for the metropolitan workforce who are constantly under stress to take some time out for themselves. Even 10 minutes of reading can provide freedom from all the worries of the world.

Thus, these are 5 small changes which you can incorporate into your daily life without moving mountains or your timings. After all, even the biggest changes start with one small step!

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