Lamborghini, the Italian supercar manufacturer, will unveil the new Lamborghini V10 super car next week. Nothing is officially known about the next racing car yet but we have in hand the teaser released by Lamborghini in which you can see the racing car covered by a cloth accompanied by the words ‘Based on a true story. From racetrack to road. The new V10 Lamborghini’.

The SF90 Spider has just been released by Ferrari the other day, but rival Lamborghini has announced that it will release the new V10 model November 18.

‘From the circuit to the public road’ is how Lamborghini described the upcoming V10 super car. As far as the headlights are concerned, it seems to be the performance model of the rear-wheel drive model Huracan EVO.

In recent months Lamborghini has launched some variants of the Huracan on the market and therefore it is highly likely that the new Lamborghini V10 could be the pinched Huracan Evo STO disguised last March. Therefore, it would probably be a limited edition, created for the track but approved for the road, which would give priority to weight reduction rather than power increase.

As far as the teaser is concerned, there is no doubt that it is the Huracan EVO STO (Super Trofeo Omorogata) that has been witnessed already.

The Huracan Super Trofeo EVO, which is also a rear-wheel drive racing car, is a public road model, and unlike the four-wheel drive Huracan Performance, a roof scoop is added in addition to the rear wing.

The aero parts are more aggressive than the Huracan Performance, and it seems that it will be a model that has been changed to the original rear wheel drive of racing cars.