Gary Seman Jr.

Hyderabadi chicken Dum Biryani is among the offerings at the new Spice 9 restaurant in the Polaris area.

Spice 9 might very well be considered an outlier in the great constellation of Indian restaurants across central Ohio.

Located in the restaurant-rich Polaris area, Spice 9 has augmented its dishes to make them more suitable to the largest swath of customers, said Mashesh Tanneru, who owns the venue with Avinash Narsaraopally, Ram Kasarla and Jagan Abeddi.

That means fewer chili peppers and more of the spices that enliven the food without adding too much heat.

“The way we do it is in between,” Tanneru said.

Because India is such a large country, it offers a wide spectrum of food, he said. Many local Indian restaurants simply adjust the temperature for a Western audience, but there is little variation in the flavor, he said.

The restaurant takes over an unassuming storefront, seating 53, at 8631 Sancus Blvd.