Kimberly, what do you love about Undefined Beauty?

KD: The elixir is really powerful. I think what I love about her formula, in general, is that it’s really scented with this nice, beautiful rose scent. Rosehip is a common ingredient throughout her products. And watching Dorian tap into plant magic while she’s also in this undefined space that’s limitless. Her business model is unique in the sense that she also has her Undefined store, where she carries exclusively Black, brown, and LGBTQ founders. She’s bringing all these brands to the table and marketing them together, and I really love that’s what her brand represents—it’s community and accessibility because her products are also priced really well.

Dorian, what do you love about Frigg?

DM: I love that Frigg is really focused on stress. We’re all experiencing high levels of stress, and she’s really building solutions around it. I also love that she’s just a powerful, badass woman, and she understands cannabis, which is important. My favorite product of hers is actually the hair oil. As you can see, I have a lot of hair, which is very dry, so the hair oil is great both for my scalp because I think that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and her scalp oil is super nourishing, super hydrating, and a great foundation builder for your scalp.

There’s a lot of synergy between Frigg, who is a Viking goddess, and Artemis, who is the Greek goddess of the forest. We were in Joshua Tree for this photo shoot and Kimberly’s birthday, and I’m really into tarot. The goddesses were pulled, and Artemis came up, and we were like, “Wait a minute. My collection that’s focused on mushrooms and her brand are actually really similar in terms of this female empowerment and goddess story,” and we were like, “There are some synergies there.” I’m very into spirituality. I think the universe, in multiple ways, was ensuring me and Kimberly became friends.