Supreme Court abortion leak ‘an egregious act,’ says Mississippi attorney general

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The Mississippi attorney general litigating the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health abortion case at the center of an unprecedented leak of a draft Supreme decision called the breach of trust “appalling” and an effort to gin up fear.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch warned Tuesday on “The Story” that the left has already begun utilizing the “fear component” of political activism to get what they want. no matter the due process of the judiciary.

“This is appalling …that an institution like the United States Supreme Court, that there’s a breach of trust that happens,” she said.


Protesters block an intersection in the District of Columbia.

Protesters block an intersection in the District of Columbia.
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“Certainly, we are mindful … of the opinion that would come down in a final form. And we’ll certainly be anticipating and waiting for the final opinion — But it’s such an egregious act to have someone who is in a trusted capacity to walk out of the U.S. Supreme Court with a precedent opinion like this.”

The draft opinion, written in February by Bush-appointed Justice Sam Alito, suggested a ruling that would return regulatory authority over aborting a child to the state governments, where it resided prior to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Fitch is litigating in her official capacity – as “Dobbs” in the case refers to Mississippi State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs III.

Jackson Women’s Health Organization had challenged a state law prohibiting abortions after 15 weeks gestation – and most recently, Fitch petitioned the Supreme Court in 2020 following an unfavorable decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Supreme Court

Supreme Court
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At the time of the ban’s initial passage in 2018, then-Gov. Phil Bryant remarked he would “probably be sued in about a half-hour, and that’ll be fine with me.”

Soon afterward, Jackson Women’s Health did sue and Obama-appointed federal Judge Carlton Reeves ruled in their favor.

On “The Story”, Fitch condemned what she called the left’s resorting to “bullying” and trying to engender support to pack the court.

“I think this is another push on the fear component,” she said. “And they are again pushing very hard — and it’s a retread of the same arguments that they’ve made over and over again.”