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How to Have a Founder’s Mindset with Nikil Viswanathan of Alchemy

What does it take to grow a company from a zero to over $10 billion valuation in just five years? In the case of Nikil Viswanathan’s Alchemy, the answer comes down to speed and hustle. Viswanathan and his co-founder are both Stanford-educated serial entrepreneurs who set out to build a company that would change the world. They see Web3 as a major paradigm shift and business opportunity–and the duo has scaled Alchemy into the world’s leading blockchain developer platform (think: Microsoft for Web3). Viswanathan shares why 22 of the company’s first 27 hires were former founders, why he believes NFTs will be the first Web3 iteration to be mass-market friendly, and why he and his co-founder celebrate big wins with a trip to the gym.

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