If you indulge in regular physical activity, you may know the importance of a cooling-down period post a workout session. For the uninitiated, a cooling down period after any kind of strenuous exercise is referred to as a series of gentle stretching exercises that will get your heart rate back to normal, stretch your muscles and ensure that you can relax.

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As such, fitness entrepreneur Nidhi S took to Instagram to explain the numerous benefits of a cooling-down session in her latest post. Take a look at the post here.

“Do you cool down after a workout? If not, you are exposing yourself to the danger of an injury, both physical and internal,” the fitness expert captioned her post.

Take a look at the benefits of a cooling-down period here.

*Gradually reduces your heart rate – A sudden drop in heart rate might make you feel light-headed or dizzy after finishing your workout⁣⁣.


*Stretches you out and helps to avoid an injury – After your muscles have worked as hard as they have, they need to be stretched out while they are still warm. This elongates your muscle fibres, as they’ve been under strain during the workout⁣⁣.


*Relaxes your mind– A cooldown period provides an opportunity for some quiet contemplation. It is the acknowledgement of accomplishing a good workout while allowing your body to begin its recovery faster and while uplifting your mood⁣⁣ at the same time.

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Here are a few yoga poses that you should include in your next cooling down routine, as suggested by the expert.


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The child’s pose is highly recommended as part of a cooling down routine. (Source: Representative image/Pexels)

*World’s greatest stretch

*Downward dog’s pose

*Pigeon pose

*Wind-relieving pose

*Garland pose

*Child’s pose

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